At Dorset Gardens we believe in the power of prayer, but we don't think it's something we should keep to ourselves - so why not use our small Chapel for your own private prayer.  

We're open most days of the week, and every Thursday at 1 pm we hold a short service of Prayer and Praise in the same Chapel.  It lasts only for about half an hour, but if you're looking for deep peace and relaxation - in friendly company! - it might be just the place for you.  Why not try it?

And, if you have a problem we'll pray for you.  Whatever kind of problem you have, it's good to know there's someone on your side.  So just write down the details and post it through our letter box or take it to reception.  If you wish we can begin our prayers for you by mobilising our Prayer Chain.  We'll treat your request in confidence and pray for you for a month, or longer if you ask us to.  We won't contact you unless you ask, and we don't even need to know your full name.  Of course, we don't promise miracles, but Dorset Gardens Church is here for you!  You could also email us if you prefer - there's a link on the home page.

"Prayer is my mobile, I take it with me everywhere, so I'm never alone, never cut off from a friend.
And I have this great contract with my provider, unlimited access to him, whenever I want
and it's free, I can have a quick chat aloud or linger over a silent text.  Prayer is just talking to

the God who loves me, and you can be as relaxed and natural as you wish.  He doesn't mind.
Because he cares about us.  And, of course, I'm never lonely, if I leave a message on voicemail,
I know that he'll come back to me, soon, so long as I'm switched on (to him.)
Prayer is like a holiday, too, like being in a different country, so refreshing, so happy,
and it builds me up for the time ahead.  I wouldn't be without it."
Selwyn Veater


The Bible tells us in Philippians 4: 6-7 not to worry about anything, but pray about everything.  With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God.

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