What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness means to be aware of all our experiences, physical sensations, thoughts and feelings from moment to moment. This awareness is without judgement and with a sense of kindness and acceptance. Becoming more aware gives us insight and a deeper understanding of what is going on for us. This can particularly help when we are experiencing great difficulties or illness and pain. This awareness makes feelings which can seem overwhelming easier to deal with. It creates a shift in our awareness that can help create new ways to relate to our problems.

Mindfulness reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that you can incorporate into daily life to help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion. It helps promote a genuine joie de vivre; the kind of happiness that gets into your bones and allows you to meet the worst that life throws at you with a new courage” Mark Williams

It is a commitment to yourself through practice, to act with kindness and compassion to yourself and others. It is about being aware and present in the moment. This enables you to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

What might be the benefits?

Mindfulness helps us to become more familiar with the mind and to work with it more skilfully. The mind becomes more focussed and steady.

As mindfulness develops, we become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, we learn to be more accepting of ourselves and we respond more wisely to difficulties and stress.

What is a mindfulness course like?

  • The course consists of eight x 2 hour group sessions, over consecutive weeks.
  • In the sessions you will learn some simple meditations, for example focusing attention on the physical sensations of breathing.
  • The course takes some time and effort and involves practising at home on a regular basis.

How is it helpful?

Mindfulness meditation is becoming increasingly popular as research is finding that it can help:

  • Reduce depression, anxiety and stress
  • Manage chronic pain, long term illness, blood pressure and migraines

People say that they gain lasting benefits such as:

  • Achieving more energy and enthusias
  • Acquiring a greater capacity for relaxation
  • Expanding awareness, vitality and spiritual development
  • Developing an increased ability to handle stressful situations.

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