Art Exhibition

Our exhibition for 2017, Life in the City "An Inclusive City",  is all over, we had a wonderful time. 

The main exhibition: a series of beautiful black and white photographs by Tony Tree, was very much admired with people looking to see if they recognised friends in any of the pictures. Tony's collection called "Faith 2000", was originally done at the millenium and is an exploration and documentation of faith groups across the city of Brighton & Hove - it has recently been updated. We were delighted to be hosting this wonderful body of work.    

 Click here to hear Tony talking to Robin about the exhibition.

In addition we invited poetry to be submitted on the theme "An Inclusive City" and there was a poetry reading on the afternoon of May 20th, when invited poets read their work.

This followed a workshop led by Janina Karpinska called "Poetry Gravy"  ...  aims to resolve poems which may be stuck: the meat and two veg are there, it's just missing a little gravy. We'll let a sense of play, experiment and positive feedback work their magic. 

Janina Karpinska, has an MA in Creative Writing & Personal Development (with Merit) Sussex Uni, won first prize in the Cannon Open and has had work published in 'Poems in the Waiting Room' and several other publications. She has run writing workshops for many years.

The workshop was an extremely productive and creative morning and I would recommend it to anyone who likes writing and wants to develop their work - look out for Janina's workshops in future, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you to everyone who came to the exhibition, to Tony and Janina, to the people who organised and stewarded or helped in any way. See you next time ...


Facebook page: Life In the City @litcbton

Our booklet of poems and images from the exhibition is now available to purchase (few copies remaining).


If you would like to have an exhibition during the year, but outside of the May Festival dates, please be in touch with us at the above email address.


Some of Tony's photographs from the exhibition:








Sadly we were unable to organise an exhibition for 2018, if you would be interested in holding an exhibition please be in touch.